Our establishment derives its name from the extraordinary life odyssey of the 18th century, native-born enslaved African, Venture Smith. At only 10 years old, he was captured and sold for 4 gallons of rum and a piece of calico cloth. Through hard work and thrift, Smith purchased not only his own freedom, but that of his family, and went on to become a successful landowner and entrepreneur. Solomon and Kuff were Smith’s sons.

The bar boasts over 100 international rums spanning Authentic Caribbean Rums, Agricole Rhums, Cachacas, and American rums, along with artisanal cocktails and craft beers on tap. Karl Franz, the mixologist for the space, has added his own unique twist on classic rum cocktails such as the Dark & Stormy with house made Ginger Beer, Daiquiri and Rum Punch, by utilizing traditional Caribbean flavors in unexpected ways. Some other standouts include The Hedonist with Gentian, cane syrup, lemon juice, Orgeat, Barbancourt rum, creole bitters, curry and ginger beer; Venture's Punch mixing Agricole, Jamaican Overproof, lime, bitters and nutmeg; and My Mother Ruined my Tonic - Ford's Gin, Agricole, Bay, Sage, Mango, Lime, and Tonic.